Free Plagiarism Checker Websites for Bloggers

Free Plagiarism Checker Websites for Bloggers

Hii ,Are you looking for plagiarism checking web-sites ? If yes, you are on the right post.

What is meant by plagiarism?

Plagiarism means stealing content from other websites.

Though Google search engine crawlers are good enough to know which is copied and which is not, but you have to take care of your content not to get copied.

"The top 9 plagiarism checking web-sites are"

1. Plagiarism Check
There’s a sense why I ranked this #1 in this list. This site provides free services such as checking of an unlimited number of papers and the generating plagiarism reports. What's great about this site is that it accepts all types of file formats like text,pdf,ms word etc..and it also offers simple and instant ways of downloading plagiarism reports. However, the fast and smart online plagiarism checker does have its own downside: the products offered do not come with any warranty.
2. ArticleChecker
 Article Checker is amazing as it allows you to check your work directly and instantly by pasting your text/work to make a comparison. There is no need to register or download anything. Check for any possible copied content within minutes.
3. PlagiarismChecker
At this site, you can check any document, web page, and articles for duplicates and can report any plagiarism detected directly. But,Plagiarism Checker doesn’t come free.You have to buy subscription to use features like reporting.
4. Search Engine Reports
This website is very simple and all you need to do is  paste your text/article in the text box to analyze.You just need to enter a domain name that you want to check along with few keywords that you are looking for. It will show all the copied contents along with the ranking for the particular keywords that you enter.
5. Its Education
The site not only provides checking for any plagiarism in English, but also provides a wide range of private courses and exam preparation courses. But, this site is most  beneficial to Hong Kong students.
6. DupliChecker
This website offers free online plagiarism checking tool without any registration process. DupliChecker also provides a lot of useful t-i-p-s and information regarding plagiarism. The only limit is you can only search for 1500 words at a time, not a best way to find your copied contents if you want to search for web pages, still it is a great plagiarism tool to find copied links or content.
7. Plagium
Plagium is another plagiarism detection tool that is free for all. The best thing about this tool is  you can also check social media sites like twitter, facebook, etc.. including news pages to find if someone copies your content.
As the name indicates,this siteprovides a lot of services other than  plagiarism checking. plagiarism checker is totally free and anyone can use the tool. You will see red text in results if this tool finds copied content from your site,this way you can easily find out how much amount of content is copied from your blog or websites.
This site is highly used to check for copied can also report copied need to buy a premium account to withdraw your copied  content.You will get most accurate results..


I recommend you to use these tools regularly to check for the copied content.
All the plagiarism checking websites Listed above have their own pros and cons which you should take into consideration before you decide the best site that suits you.
Plz let me know if you know any more free plagiarism checker websites or tools in the comments....


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