Tips To Optimize Blogger Images For SEO To Increase Blog Traffic

Tips To Optimize Blogger Images For SEO To Increase Blog Traffic

What is meant by Blogger Images Optimization?

Making your post images to be search engine friendly,From below tips We ensure you that following those steps will 100% increase your blog Traffic..

1:Benefits Of Using Relevant Images:

About 10% our blog traffic is from the images we are having in our blog,so using best image make blog ranking high and also massive traffic to blog through image,also using image releated to the post improve traffic.

2:Using Quality Image Format:

First Most Fundamental step to optimize your blogger post image,as we all know about some formats of image,such as JPG,PNG and Also including GIF image format,
Comparing png via jpg there is high difference in both formats, Using JPG in Post or any where is not i good idea spatially on blogger post,jpg in post makes the blog browsing slow which google search engine do not accept or like,and also including one more bad factor of jpg image Quality is not good as compared to PNG,

Benefits of Using PNG Images:

comparability with web pages,
PNG format maintain high quality,
PNG formats do not affect page browsing,

MBR Highly Recommend To use PNG Images in your blogger except post area to make your blog friendly with search engine

Benefits Of Using JPG In Post Area:

Using jpg image format in post area is the most second best format of search engine friendly in blog post,using this format in post area makes the blog browsing fast due to the compressed size of jpg it does not affect website speed, on the other side it boost website traffic

Using of JPG in Post Benefits:

Jpg file is less in size then Png,
Never affects the blog on loading time,
make blog browsing fast

Final Decision By AllDigiTricks

Always use jpg images in post area make your posts loading time fast and more search engine friendly,we are saying this by our personal experience

3:Using Relevant Keywords In Image Alt Tags:

Downloading images for your blog post or wordpress we usually find the image like, (image1) or (image2) or (photo124) by uploading image with these names is not a good idea, your images are not index by any search engine robots do not index image what i index the Name of image and alt tags.

Now How To Make if perfect for google robots and drive traffic from your image to blog,By inserting Relevant Keywords instead of using (image2) or (photo124), before uploading image on your blog rename it with your post title for example change the image name from (image1) Search engine optimization,

4:Title & Alt Tag:
After renamed your image and upload the image to blog and here is one of the most important step to follow,name your image again with your post title or related to post help robots to index your image and make your ranking high.

5:Compressed Images:

using compressed images in blog makes the blog loading fast, The image downloaded from google image are not compressed and they have been already indexed by google robots, when you upload the same image even if you have changed the name it does not matter it will not index,

Download low size images or take the help of photoshop to reduce the size of image or there are many online image size reduce websites require your image and make it perfect for search engine friendly


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