How to Fix 404 Error in Website

404 error

What is 404 Error

A 404 error has been arising when a file is not found from the requested Url or the file is temporary disable or has been deleted from the servers. Then it shows a code of 404 error. There are two types of 404 error one is soft 404 another is 404 that actually not found.

A soft 404 is a 404 in which google says that the content is not found on the page but the website says the page is loaded. In second 404 not found in this, the 404 is actually not found.

Impact of 404 on the website:

Having 1 or 2 error of 404 is ok. But having several 404 errors on your website make it a low-quality website. 404 Errors in a website give a bad signal to the search engines crawlers. So you have to fix 404 errors as early as possible by following these methods.

How to Find 404 errors in your website:

1. 404 errors are easily found through by login into the google webmaster tools and then go to the crawler error then you can easily see all the soft and not found 404 error URL.  Let us discuss through an example in webmaster when you find a 404 and then you click on that URL its a post on your website which is not found then you have to think is there any post related to this post then easily redirect then URL to the related post URL.

2. When you install a 301 redirection plugin it shows all the 404 URL.

3. Search on google for broken link checker or dead link checker or add an extension of broken link checker they show all the broken link and 404 error URL in your website by just entering the Url of your website.

How to fix 404 errors in your WordPress website

1. Fix 404 error by 301 Redirection Through .htaccess file

For this you need an FTP Client from there to go to the .htaccess and open it in sublime Text2 and go at the bottom and Start typing Redirect 301 space then use the slug of the URL that is not found and then you have to paste the URL to which you want to redirect it then save then .htaccess is uploaded Now when you click on that link it is redirected.

2. Fix 404 error by using a 301 redirection plugin

For this, you have to go on add plugin then search for a 301 redirection plugin download it and activate it. Now take the URL which got 404 error, for example, your About Us page got 404 then take that URL. In Plugin, you find two columns first is source URL and destination URL. In source URL you have to put the 404 Url and In the destination URL, you have to paste the Url to which you have to redirect it like the home page then make save and continue. In this way, your 404 error has been fixed through the plugin.

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