Bypass Samsung Pangu 2018 – A Guide to Bypass FRP Lock and Google Verify

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Bypass Samsung pangu using the guide below. Simple follow the steps in this article to bypass samsung pangu. If you Forgot lock screen password or pattern, many of us prefer to reset the device. Pangu FRP Bypass APK functions like a charm to get rid of the lock display without losing of information and data. After Release of Android Lollipop you need to login to a google account even after Resetting the device,You will see Google Account FRP Lock screen. However, the help of Bypass Samsung Pangu, it is simple to bypass google account verification even if you forgot your google account.

Bypass FRP Lock Using Bypass Samsung Pangu :

There are 2 Methods to Bypass FRP lock, 1st Method is to Enter the Correct Details of the Google Account You used previously on your Device. If you Dont know those Details or had any other problem while Removing FRP Lock follow our Method 2 to remove FRP lock by Bypass FRP samsung pangu apk.


Download Samsung Account Bypass Pangu :

We have tested this method on samsung Device to remove the FRP lock and bypass google account apk lock. It will also works on other devices like Lenovo, xiaomi, samsung galaxy, xperia, sony, Htc, Google pixel, Oppo, Vivo, Alcatel and many more to remove FRP (Factory reset protection). This FRP bypass tool apk wont work on devices which use Android Kitkat 4.4.1 as it dont have any FRP security protection.
Here are the bypass code for calling while Your Mobile is FRP locked
code 1: atd198;\r\n
code 2: at+creg?\r\n
If you Don't know How to use these codes Just ignore these and follow below Installation steps.

Installation Guide of Pangu FRP Bypass :

  1. First of all Download and Install Realterm App to make calls.
  2. Click on Red button after installing the App and open any browser to continue the download process.
  3. Download Samsung Pangu apk tool, You can see Download button Below click on it to Download and install it.
  4. After Installing launch the samsung Frp bypass tool
  5. Now Login with Any Google Account in your Browser
  6. Finally Reboot Your Device After loggine in to a Google Account.
By Following the above steps it is very easy to bypass google account verification using bypass samsung pangu.

Download Bypass Samsung Pangu FRP apk

App Name
Bypass Samsung Pangu
Alternative Name
Bypass Samsung FRP apk
Extension Type
File Size
Last updated
Google Drive Link

Devices like Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 Edge, J7, J5, J3, Note 5, Note 7, and A7, A6, A5 which are having Android Oreo 8.0 to 8.1 or higher,Android 5.0.1, Android Marshmallow 6.0 to 6.1.1, Nougat 7.0 to 7.1 are having this FRP security feature and the bypass samsung pangu can easily be used to remove google account verify and deactivate FRP lock.


By Following the above steps you can remove FRP lock and google verify of your samsung device or any other Device easily using Bypass samsung pangu and google verify apk tool. If you have any trouble while performing this simply comment Below we will help you. If you found this article useful Share it with your friends too.

Secret trick to Download Udemy Course Videos in 2018

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Hi,Today we are going to tell you " HOW TO DOWNLOAD UDEMY COURSE VIDEOS "

Udemy is a platform for learning online.You can find almost all courses in udemy.Many of the courses are premium courses and you have to buy them. You can find some free useful courses also. Udemy offers some premium courses for free for few hours.Stay updated with udemy offers in our facebook page. Alldigitricks

Things you need to Download Udemy Course videos
Mozilla firefox browser
Ant video downloader plugin-Download here

How to download
Open your firefox browser and install ant downloader plugin
Now go to your udemy video course and play the video
Click the download button on top right side your browser
Download Udemy Course Videos

*Note*Go to next lecture only after completion of the present have to download each lecture in the video separately.wait for download to complete then proceed to next lecture.

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Top 10 ( VCC ) Virtual Credit Card Providers

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Below is a List of To 10 Virtual credit card (VCC) providers to consider using for your online transactions. There are lot of Virtual credit card (VCC) providers on the internet,only few of them are trusted and popular you can make your transactions securely through them.

Vitual credit card(VCC) can be used to replace your original Bank issued cards.You just have to fill the required balance in your virtual credit card(VCC) and use them as alternative to your original credit cards.Now a days if you want to buy anything online credit card is mandatory,if you don't have a credit card you can use your Virtual credit card(VCC) as an alternative.

Entropay vcc alternative

You can also use these Virtual credit cards to register for free trials,pay for any recurring bills,Use them for International transactions if you are from countries like India, srilanka etc..where most banks don't support international transactions.You can block you VCC anytime you want and get a new VCC easily.We recommend using PAYONEER / ENTROPAY for your online transactions. Lets see the popular Virtual credit card providers

Entropay is the most popular Virtual Credit card (VCC) can create as many VCCs as you can. Minimum deposit is 5$ and you can deposit as much as you can.You can load money into vcc anytime using your debit card / credit card / bank transfer .You can delete your virtual credit card (vcc) anytime and the balance in your deleted vcc shifts to your new vcc immediately.Most of the people prefer using entropay.

Payoneer is one of the best alternative to entropay. Payoneer gives prepaid master cards that can be used as Virtual credit cards. You can also receive payments from various sites like fiverr, freelancer, amazon and many other websites. Payoneer will also give you a virtual bank account to receive any transactions from international countries.

Netspend is one of the trusted vcc provider.It is only available for US citizens. Net spend Gives a plastic card. You can use that card for your can also use net spend card to verify pay pal account.

Neteller Vcc are most famous for online transactions,you can use neteller vcc on many websites like bet365, many online shops accept neteller.

American express also offers Vcc to its customers.You need to have a bank account to get your prepaid cards.

Free charge wallet provides you a virtual credit card to use for your online transactions. You simply load money to your free charge wallet and use that money on your virtual credit cards (Vcc) .It is helpful for Indian people.You can also pay for your Facebook ads using free charge VCC.

Oxigen wallet is similar to free charge and works almost same as free charge. It is also for Indian Users like Freecharge.

kotak netcard is one of the best vcc for Indians. You need to have a bank account in kotak mahindra bank to be eligible for Net card. Kotak Vcc can be used even for Bing ads which don't accept many Vccs.

You need to have a bank account in icici to get a vcc. If you already have a bank account you can easily get vcc.

10. HDFC VCC :
Same as ICICI bank, you need to have a bank account to be eligible for a Virtual credit card. HDFC is one of the most trusted bank and it will be safe to get a vcc from HDFC to use for your international transactions.

Bank freedom is yet another New free virtual card provider.It is easy to load and secure.

There are few more virtual credit card providers like wallmart, wirex, Revolut. You can use any one of your choice. I frequently use Entropay Vcc for my online transactions and so i rated it as 1. If we found any more good alternatives to Entropay we will update this post.

Top 10 Free Cloud Storage providers In 2018

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Free Cloud storage providers Helps People to save their important files and data online securely,and can access them anytime.You can save your Data like images,movies,Any courses,personal files with these Free cloud storage providers. Not all cloud storage providers are completely free,They can give you a Limited space(10-50 GB).If you want to use more space then they have paid options also.
There are Lot of Free Cloud storage Providers online,Not all of them are Trusted,Some cloud storage providers may steal your personal data. so It is best to choose Only popular and trusted Online cloud storage providers. We have Shortlisted Few Free Cloud storage Providers based on Space they Provide and security.

Below is a List of Free cloud storage Providers to choose In 2018.We will Update this Post when we found any Trusted &Free cloud storage Providers.

Founded in 2013,It is one of the Best Free cloud storage providers to choose from. Main Features of include 50 GB storage Space,Privacy Protection. No other Cloud storage is providing 50 GB of storage space for Free. This Site also has paid plans Starting from 4$ per month. Free Plan is Far enough For users Like us.

2. Google Drive
It is one of the most famous & Trusted free cloud storage provider.Google offers 15 GB storage space to its can store your personal files,images and other data easily and can access them anywhere with help of your Gmail.

3. DropBox
Dropbox is another trusted free cloud storage provider.It gives around 2 GB of free cloud storage. You can back up your data through pc/Mobile.You just have to install Dropbox app on PC/Mobile and your data gets automatically backed up online.Dropbox also offers paid plans.

4. One Drive
One drive is yet another free cloud storage Provider. It is owned By Microsoft,One drive offers 5 GB of free cloud storage. It is easy to use and secure.

5. Just Cloud
Just Cloud is yet another free cloud storage provider,which offers almost all features for free. With just cloud's App you can access your files whenever you need them through PC/Mobile.

6. MyPcBackup
Mypcbackup is one of the best free cloud storage service through which you can Backup Your PC/laptop automatically.It offers Unlimited Cloud storage.You can save all your files and access them anytime you want.

7. Box
Box is one of the famous cloud storage provider.Box offers 5 GB Free cloud storage.You can share the uploaded files with anyone by sending them the link to the file.Many people use Box to secure their files and to send them to their friends/Customers.

8. Mozy Backup
It offers 2 GB free cloud storage.It is one of the oldest cloud storage provider.You can access your files anywhere through Mozy app.

9. Pcloud
Pcloud is one of the Best cloud storage provider.It offers 20 GB Free storage for its users. You can also increase the storage by upgrading to a Paid Plan.Paid plans starts from 4$/month for 500 GB storage.

10. MediaFire
MediaFire is one of the oldest cloud storage Providers.It offers 10 GB free storage to its users,it can be increased Upto 50 GB by completing simple tasks like Inviting friends to Join Media fire.You can upload any of your files to Mediafire and easily share with your friends.

Some of the Other Free cloud storage providers Include

We will Update the List whenever we found a Good And Trusted Free Cloud Storage Provider.

UKTVNow APK - Free Live TV Channel App

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In today’s fast paced life we all are in need of continuous entertainment to take a break from our monotonous life.  But where is the entertainment? Getting bored in a never ending cab ride? Or your favourite TV series is on with some new episodes and you cant wait to watch right? You download some app to watch your favourite show but….the quality is too bad! But worry no more UkTV Now Apk is here to take care of all your needs? Binge watching your favourite tv series? Switch to UkTV Now Apk and you never have to look back. Stream the amazing shows in HD and that too for no additional charges. Tempting huh? Read on further to know more about this amazing app.

UKTVNow is an internationally popular streaming application which is developed and designed for all newest Android, IOS devices, Firestick and Kodi.  This application lets its users watch and revel in their favorite TV Stations on a single platform.  UKTV Now APP is one of the Top 10 Live Streaming application for the most popular platforms.  This program gives to see all your favorite TV Channel Serials, events and Sports news anytime, which is fantastic for those with a busy schedule.  Now with the assistance of this application you never missed your favorite serial or incident which was Aired in you busy schedule.  You can now download UKTVNOW APK from their official web portal or you also can visit other trusted UK TV APP sources Like us to Download the UKTVNow APK.

The UKTV Now app is available in many countries across the world including UK, USA, India, Pakistan, Canada, France, Spain. You can access as many as 150+live channels.
These channels are placed under 9 categories : Entertainment, Sports, Movies, News, Kids, Music, Documentary, Food, Religious. This makes searching for your desired channel much easier and faster.

There are so many apps available on play store and elsewhere which serve the same purpose. But we all face issues while using them and such issues could be really annoying right?

Why choose UKTV Now?

We have the answer for you. In the world of such increasing live tv apps its really difficult to find that one app which serves all our purpose and is also easy to use. Another major problem with such apps is the video quality, need I say that its awful? It can totally ruin our mood and watching experience. But with UKTV Now that will never be a problem. Its main highlight is its video quality which is superb or to be precise you stream your favourite channels in HD quality. Wouldn’t you love that? It should also be mentioned here that the UI or the User Interface is extremely simple. To put it in simple words it is very easy to use which further heightens our experience while using this app.

The list of supporting devices :

  1. IPhone
  2. PC
  3. IPAD
  4. KODI
Now that you are almost convinced regarding this let me ease this further. Check out the features to make you fully convinced.

Features Of The UkTV Now :

  • It has a simple user interface.
  • We can stream videos from 10 different countries including USA, UK, India, Arab, Pakistan, Canada, France, Spain.
  • You can access your favourite shows under 9 categories which are Entertainment, Sports, Movies, News, Kids, Music, Documentary, Food and Religious.
  • You can watch all your favourite shows in HD and that too absolutely free.
  • It supports many devices including android phones, iphones, PC etc.
  • You can filter your channels by country.
  • You can browse recently watched channels to help you watch your favourite shows hassle free.
  • You can also bookmark shows so that you can find them easily later.
  • There is a Search Box to help find your favourite shows.
  • You can add channels to the Favourite List.
  • You can make your desired changes under the Settings option.
This summarizes the details and features of the app for you and so you know why you will leave all other such apps for this one. 

How to install UkTV Now on your android phone?

You have to follow few simple steps to install this app. Firstly, make sure that you have enabled the Unknown source settings otherwise your phone will reject the app installation. By default, it is unset/disabled. So, to enable, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Once you try to enable this setting, you are prompt with the pop-up alert message on the screen regarding your privacy. Select OK to accept after reading it.

Your phone is now ready to install the app.
  • First, download the latest version of UkTVNow Apk for android (v8.16) app on your device.
  • After downloading UkTVNow apk app on your Android device, tap on the file from your notification bar or from the folder where you have downloaded UkTVNow to start the installation process.
  • Select INSTALL button at the bottom right corner and then continue the process.
  • The installation process may take some time. Wait until the process is complete.
  • Once completed, select OPEN button at the bottom right corner to launch the application immediately or select DONE to launch later.
You can also install this app on your PC and Laptops as well. Follow these Below simple steps to install UkTV App on your PCs


Download UKTVNOW For Kodi

Download UKTVNOW For Firestick

UKTVNOW APP Download For PC - Windows &Mac

Top 200 High PR Directory Submission Sites List to Get Quality Backlinks

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So are you looking for High Pr directory submission sites list, this post will give you useful& tested directory submission sites that will help you to get quality backlinks.
High PR Directory Submission Sites List
High PR Directory Submission Sites List
Directory submission sites are allowed to submit your website according to categories. Directory submission sites provide better linking service for quality backlinks that helps in increased search engine rank.
We all know about quality backlinks.the more quality backlinks we have the more increase in organic traffic to our build as more as possible backlinks and rank high in search engines.most of the sites in the directory submission sites list are tested and working.if you found any of the site is broken please inform us we will change it with a new working site.we will update this directory submission list whenever we found new sites that give quality backlinks. So here we found top 200 free directory submission sites list with high PR that really helps you to increase quality backlinks which results in more organic traffic.


S.NDirectory submission sitesPR
more Directory submission sites are updated soon..Bookmark this page so that it will be easy for you to come again.
Do you know more high pr directory submission sites list.share them in the comments we will update the sites list.
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