Top 10 ( VCC ) Virtual Credit Card Providers

Below is a List of To 10 Virtual credit card (VCC) providers to consider using for your online transactions. There are lot of Virtual credit card (VCC) providers on the internet,only few of them are trusted and popular you can make your transactions securely through them.

Vitual credit card(VCC) can be used to replace your original Bank issued cards.You just have to fill the required balance in your virtual credit card(VCC) and use them as alternative to your original credit cards.Now a days if you want to buy anything online credit card is mandatory,if you don't have a credit card you can use your Virtual credit card(VCC) as an alternative.

Entropay vcc alternative

You can also use these Virtual credit cards to register for free trials,pay for any recurring bills,Use them for International transactions if you are from countries like India, srilanka etc..where most banks don't support international transactions.You can block you VCC anytime you want and get a new VCC easily.We recommend using PAYONEER / ENTROPAY for your online transactions. Lets see the popular Virtual credit card providers

Entropay is the most popular Virtual Credit card (VCC) can create as many VCCs as you can. Minimum deposit is 5$ and you can deposit as much as you can.You can load money into vcc anytime using your debit card / credit card / bank transfer .You can delete your virtual credit card (vcc) anytime and the balance in your deleted vcc shifts to your new vcc immediately.Most of the people prefer using entropay.

Payoneer is one of the best alternative to entropay. Payoneer gives prepaid master cards that can be used as Virtual credit cards. You can also receive payments from various sites like fiverr, freelancer, amazon and many other websites. Payoneer will also give you a virtual bank account to receive any transactions from international countries.

Netspend is one of the trusted vcc provider.It is only available for US citizens. Net spend Gives a plastic card. You can use that card for your can also use net spend card to verify pay pal account.

Neteller Vcc are most famous for online transactions,you can use neteller vcc on many websites like bet365, many online shops accept neteller.

American express also offers Vcc to its customers.You need to have a bank account to get your prepaid cards.

Free charge wallet provides you a virtual credit card to use for your online transactions. You simply load money to your free charge wallet and use that money on your virtual credit cards (Vcc) .It is helpful for Indian people.You can also pay for your Facebook ads using free charge VCC.

Oxigen wallet is similar to free charge and works almost same as free charge. It is also for Indian Users like Freecharge.

kotak netcard is one of the best vcc for Indians. You need to have a bank account in kotak mahindra bank to be eligible for Net card. Kotak Vcc can be used even for Bing ads which don't accept many Vccs.

You need to have a bank account in icici to get a vcc. If you already have a bank account you can easily get vcc.

10. HDFC VCC :
Same as ICICI bank, you need to have a bank account to be eligible for a Virtual credit card. HDFC is one of the most trusted bank and it will be safe to get a vcc from HDFC to use for your international transactions.

Bank freedom is yet another New free virtual card provider.It is easy to load and secure.

There are few more virtual credit card providers like wallmart, wirex, Revolut. You can use any one of your choice. I frequently use Entropay Vcc for my online transactions and so i rated it as 1. If we found any more good alternatives to Entropay we will update this post.


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