Top 10 Free Cloud Storage providers In 2018

Free Cloud storage providers Helps People to save their important files and data online securely,and can access them anytime.You can save your Data like images,movies,Any courses,personal files with these Free cloud storage providers. Not all cloud storage providers are completely free,They can give you a Limited space(10-50 GB).If you want to use more space then they have paid options also.
There are Lot of Free Cloud storage Providers online,Not all of them are Trusted,Some cloud storage providers may steal your personal data. so It is best to choose Only popular and trusted Online cloud storage providers. We have Shortlisted Few Free Cloud storage Providers based on Space they Provide and security.

Below is a List of Free cloud storage Providers to choose In 2018.We will Update this Post when we found any Trusted &Free cloud storage Providers.

Founded in 2013,It is one of the Best Free cloud storage providers to choose from. Main Features of include 50 GB storage Space,Privacy Protection. No other Cloud storage is providing 50 GB of storage space for Free. This Site also has paid plans Starting from 4$ per month. Free Plan is Far enough For users Like us.

2. Google Drive
It is one of the most famous & Trusted free cloud storage provider.Google offers 15 GB storage space to its can store your personal files,images and other data easily and can access them anywhere with help of your Gmail.

3. DropBox
Dropbox is another trusted free cloud storage provider.It gives around 2 GB of free cloud storage. You can back up your data through pc/Mobile.You just have to install Dropbox app on PC/Mobile and your data gets automatically backed up online.Dropbox also offers paid plans.

4. One Drive
One drive is yet another free cloud storage Provider. It is owned By Microsoft,One drive offers 5 GB of free cloud storage. It is easy to use and secure.

5. Just Cloud
Just Cloud is yet another free cloud storage provider,which offers almost all features for free. With just cloud's App you can access your files whenever you need them through PC/Mobile.

6. MyPcBackup
Mypcbackup is one of the best free cloud storage service through which you can Backup Your PC/laptop automatically.It offers Unlimited Cloud storage.You can save all your files and access them anytime you want.

7. Box
Box is one of the famous cloud storage provider.Box offers 5 GB Free cloud storage.You can share the uploaded files with anyone by sending them the link to the file.Many people use Box to secure their files and to send them to their friends/Customers.

8. Mozy Backup
It offers 2 GB free cloud storage.It is one of the oldest cloud storage provider.You can access your files anywhere through Mozy app.

9. Pcloud
Pcloud is one of the Best cloud storage provider.It offers 20 GB Free storage for its users. You can also increase the storage by upgrading to a Paid Plan.Paid plans starts from 4$/month for 500 GB storage.

10. MediaFire
MediaFire is one of the oldest cloud storage Providers.It offers 10 GB free storage to its users,it can be increased Upto 50 GB by completing simple tasks like Inviting friends to Join Media fire.You can upload any of your files to Mediafire and easily share with your friends.

Some of the Other Free cloud storage providers Include

We will Update the List whenever we found a Good And Trusted Free Cloud Storage Provider.


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